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The Independent Commission for Reconciliation and Information Recovery (ICRIR) Launches

Wednesday 8th May 2024

Information Source – ICRIR Website: www.icrir.independent-inquiry.uk

The Independent Commission for Reconciliation and Information Recovery (ICRIR) will provide information to victims, survivors and their families about Troubles/Conflict-related deaths and serious injury and promote reconciliation.

The Commission was formed in December 2023, with Sir Declan Morgan appointed as Chief Commissioner and Peter Sheridan as Commissioner for Investigations.

The Commission has adopted its operating principles and investigative procedures, underpinned by three essential principles to the Commission’s approach:

  • Compliance with the ECHR;
  • Respect for the principles of the 1998 Belfast Good Friday Agreement; and
  • Focus on providing useful information to those affected by the Troubles/Conflict.

The Independent Commission for Reconciliation and Information Recovery as of 1st May 2024, has now had its powers commenced so that it can carry out investigations into deaths and serious harm from the Troubles/Conflict in Northern Ireland.

Contact can now be made with the Commission’s Case Support Team:

  • Telephone: 028 9036 2093
  • Email: Casesupport@icrir.independent-inquiry.uk

All three routes are now available for the public to use. Telephone lines will be open between 10:00 and 16:00, Monday to Friday (apart from public holidays), beginning from 10:00 on Wednesday 1 May.

Trained and experienced staff will explain what information is needed and take initial details so that a face-to-face meeting can be arranged once the level of early work for the Commission is known.

A public information leaflet setting out more detail about how the Commission works and how it can be contacted has been published here:


More information about the Commission is available on its website:

Independent Commission for Reconciliation & Information Recovery

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