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Apply for a Veterans ID Card

You can now apply for your Veterans ID Card online here.

The Veterans ID Card applications went live on Saturday Midnight (28 Jan 2024) at the weekend with an average of 3.4 seconds between applications being made since it opened. On Sunday morning 28 Jan 24, NIVCO shared the link to the ID Card Application on our social media to ensure that NI Veterans were receiving updates as and when we could provide them.

The veterans ID card is available to ‘recognise and prove service’ in the Armed Forces, to enable easier access to veteran services or to prove veteran status should it ever be needed.  It is not a discount card, but can be used as proof of service to obtain either a Forces Discount Card or the Blue Light Discount Card for uniformed services.

The Veterans ID Card is an optional application – veterans do not have to possess one.

In regards to NI – Northern Ireland applications will have their card double enveloped and posted to them in a plain brown outside envelope with no reference to veterans, MOD or any service details contained on that outside envelope.  Inside will be another envelope which is the UK envelope with the letter contained within.  The only identifying marker on the inside envelope is the return address on the back which mentions ‘Veteran Card’.  No service numbers, ranks etc. are used in the address of the veterans card, either on the NI outer envelope or the letter contained within. 

There is due to be an extra online NI function, during the online application phase which will come into effect later in Feb 24, which will allow applicants to collect their ID card at one of the VWS NI field team locations in either Holywood, Portadown, Enniskillen or Coleraine. This function is not yet available, as are paper applications, which will follow in due course.

A strong voice for NI Veterans